HL7® Austria FHIR® Core Implementation Guide
0.3.0 - STU1



This is the implementation guide for the Core Profiles (v0.2.0: STU 1 Ballot 1) based on HL7® FHIR® R4. It is a ballot implementation guide that is hosted on the HL7® Austria github project. The most recent version of this implementation guide can be found at the HL7® Austria FHIR® Website.

HL7® Austria & TC FHIR®

HL7® Austria is an official Affiliate of HL7® International. Within HL7® Austria the technical committee for FHIR® (TC FHIR®) is responsible to promote and disseminate the new upcoming standard HL7® FHIR®. The TC FHIR® deals with the standard-compliant and coordinated usage of HL7® FHIR® based communication solutions. It coordinates and describes necessary localizations and offers concrete help for FHIR®-compliant interfaces.

FHIR® Shorthand Resources

For the creation of this implementation guide FHIR® Shorthand was used.

HL7® Confluence site

FHIR® Shorthand Documentation

FHIR® Shorthand documentation code repository

SUSHI code repository

Zulip (chat.fhir.org) channel: #shorthand

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