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Implementation Guide for HI

Official URL: https://hi.iv.elga.gv.at/ImplementationGuide/elga.iv.hi Version: 0.1.0
Draft as of 2024-05-29 Computable Name: IntegrierteVersorgungHerzinsuffizienz



The logical model of “Herzinsuffizienz” (HI) has been based on sample forms and comprises of the following elements:

Correspondingly, a logical model based on the International Patient Summary (IPS) has been created in order to line out which modules of the IPS would be required to resemble the logical model of HI.

Refer to the mapping from the logical model of HI to the logical model based on the IPS in order to get an idea how the IPS can be used in this context.

Dependency Table

Package hl7.fhir.uv.extensions.r4#5.1.0

This IG defines the global extensions - the ones defined for everyone. These extensions are always in scope wherever FHIR is being used (built Sat, Apr 27, 2024 18:39+1000+10:00)

Package hl7.fhir.uv.ips#1.1.0

International Patient Summary (IPS) FHIR Implementation Guide (built Tue, Nov 22, 2022 03:24+0000+00:00)

Package hl7.at.fhir.core.r4#current

An Implementation Guide for the HL7® Austria FHIR® Core Profiles. (built Mon, May 6, 2024 16:07+0000+00:00)

Package hl7.at.fhir.elga.ips#0.1.0

The FHIR® implementation guide Austrian IPS is derived from the HL7® Austria FHIR® Core implementation guide and ensures conformity with the International Patient Summary (IPS). (built Wed, May 29, 2024 06:56+0000+00:00)